Re:Zero Volume 1 Chapter 1 (Part 1): Ten Giza Is Not Enough

―Now this is really bad.

―Penniless and confused, his heart is filled with exhaustion.
―However, it’s not accurate to say he is completely broke. In his purse pocket, he has some small change which amounted to his total wealth.

He has money left over from shopping at the bookstore at his local shopping mall and having lunch there. In spite of that, one can still consider him penniless.
After all,

「As I thought, this world has a different currency system.」

With a 10 yen coin in his hand―playing with the rare 『10 giza』 with his fingers, the boy gave out a long sigh.
(TL Note: 10 giza coins are discontinued 10 yen coins issued between 1951 – 1958 with serrated edges. The current 10 yen coins do not have these edges.)

He is a boy with no special characteristics. He has short black hair and is of average height.
He possesses a forged, slightly muscular body and dons a cheap grey sports jersey.
His sharp eyes give the impression of being scornful, but right now his gaze is lowered and his eyes lost its gleam of ambition.

His appearance is so ordinary, he can easily blend himself within a crowd.
However, to the people here, he is thought to be a 『rarity』 due to his adornment of mysterious dark colors.

That line of thought is natural―after all, the boy is one that not only has 『black hair』, but also a 『jersey appearance』 to boot.
Their hair colors vary from black, white, green, blue, or brown, and their appearances range from those donned in armor, dancer-style clothing, black robes, or even 『those』 that are more on the revealing side.

Being exposed to the wave of unreserved gazes, the boy can do nothing but give up and cross his arms.

「In other words, it’s that.」

Cracking his fingers, he looked around while the sound was grabbing everyone’s attention.

「―It seems I’ve been summoned to a different world.」

Before him, a carriage was being pulled by a huge lizard-like creature.

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  1. There are two parts to this chapter, with the second part being significantly longer than the first. I was considering posting the chapter as a whole, but seeing the demand for faster updates, I decided to post the first part and will release the second part when I’m done with it. Please remember that translators are human too and our team will translate only when we have free time to do so. Unfortunately for the readers, translating isn’t our life’s priority so I apologize for the slow updates. Seeing that BionicArk and I are pretty busy with irl matters, that slows the translation process even more. We will never drop a series, but don’t expect Zhan Long-speed translations. Remember that we are recruiting translators to help out and perhaps provide regular releases!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey, I just bought vol.1 and 2 of this novel (it’s not english)
      english is not my best language but I want to help with the translation if you are fine it.


    2. Could this project somehow be passed to Skythewood? This pace is way too sluggish and hopeless imo. I heard that there’s also Chinese translations ongoing and that should help them get the job done.


  2. I mean I understand you guys aren’t gonna be godspeed translating, but it’s been 5 months since the prologue, and you got out like 300 words…

    I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but literally, I would die of old age before you finish translating the series at this pace. Hopefully your work will motivate other translators to join or take over the series.

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