Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai Chapter 5: Forbidden Spell

It appeared suddenly, four dark-red holes.

Something shot out of these holes with the speed of a bullet.
Moving at frightening speed, the sound emitted was like pieces of iron rubbing against each other.
Something long, black, and slender protracted and attacked the headmaster.


With no time to evade, that 『something』 restrained the headmaster.

…That is, a chain?

The several tens of the objects that shot out appeared to be black chains.
Again, the chains travelled like a blood vessel, somehow it felt like they have a pulse…

Or rather, what?
What the heck is happening?
While I was lying on my stomach, the rattling chains were restraining the headmaster other than her face, which was giving off a dumbfounded expression.


The headmaster is sweating while in agony.
This is somehow charming—no, this is not the time to think about something that stupid.

What the heck are those holes and chains?
What is happening?
May that be the spell that the headmaster used?
No no, I’m being stupid?
What does she gain by restraining herself?
But, that means, that is—



These—These chains are not from that girl.)

What was it? A voice.
No, was it—my voice?

(That’s right,

「Kuu…What have you done to me… nn… what is this spell—」

The headmaster asked with an agonized expression.
However, I was at a loss for words due to the fact that I was perplexed by a strange feeling that suddenly came over me.


What is this feeling?
This is… If I had to compare it with a PC, it would be like I installed a new application—



Ninth forbidden spell?

The phrase that was in that chuunibyou poem I said before suddenly appeared in my head.
It seems that it was an incantation of a spell to draw out the supposed chains, and I have a feeling that I can now indefinitely conjure these chains, or how should I put it…
In other words, that spell is now a part of me?
After learning the spell… would be type of feeling?
Not good.
My head is in a mess.
However, it is certain that—

I look at the headmaster that was restrained with chains.

「So… That, was caused by me?」

The headmaster knitted her brows, glared at me like I was trash, and laughed fearlessly.

「It’s a spell that I have never seen before… but, now it’s clear that you are a dangerous person. I planned to see how you would react with some intimidation… but now I know my actions were quite foolish and it’s become apparent that you planned for us to drop our guards. I don’t know what is your objective for sneaking into this academy, but… I concluded that with that kind of spell, you must be a dangerous character!」

The headmaster opened her mouth wide and let out 「Ka」.
And then stuck out her tongue toward me.
There seems to be a character inscribed on the headmaster’s tongue…
And in that moment.
Suddenly, the girl with the chestnut-colored hair had an astonished face―and when thinking that,

「Ah… Eh? H-Headmaster?! Using that spell here is b-b-bad~!」

Her voice rose with an 「Awa awa」.
Uu-m… Eh, she said spell?
So the character inscribed in her tongue was made to invoke a spell… something like that?
Like a secret technique?
So that means right now, something like magic is going to attack me?
With the panic of the girl with chestnut-colored hair… it must be a super incredible killer technique.

「P-Please wait! I did mean any harm… Uu .」

The headmaster’s expression told me that there was no use in arguing.

Again, I’m in a pinch.
My fate… played me like a fool and is much too harsh, isn’t it?
In that moment, the headmaster’s lips smoothly wove words.


I closed my eyes.
This time, it is hopeless—


Nothing happened?
Cautiously, I opened my eyes.
What I saw was the surprised face of the headmaster with her tongue sticking out and frozen in place.

「…Eh? 」

The headmaster let out a voice of disbelief.

「The spell is not invoking…? No, it’s different… In the first place, a 『Saint』 spell wasn’t used…? That is… Never until now, I…— 」

The chains that are restricting the headmaster are slowly retreating.

「Is it possible that it was caused by these chains…? What the heck is that spell… Wait… In the first place, what that man used was not an invocation… That was… a spell with an incantation… No, if it is, I’ve never heard it before…」
「Excuse me, headmaster. Give me a second, there is something that I have to tell you.」

The one who spoke was the girl with the chestnut-colored hair.
The headmaster looked towards the girl with an irritated and pale face.

「…What is it, Claris? 」

The name of the girl with chestnut-colored hair seemed to be Claris.
Claris-san nervously approached to the headmaster and spoke timidly with her finger pointed to the chain.
And turned to me.

「Um, that… is safe, yes?」
「Eh? Safe, what?」
「If my expectations are right, you have the power to 『manipulate』 this… Can… you do it… so that it won’t attack me?」

I hesitated.
With a mysterious demeanor, the headmaster looks at Claris-san.

「What the heck are you saying?」
「That is, you know—」

Even though I didn’t say it was 『safe』, but without being worried at all, Claris-san approached the headmaster and placed her mouth near the headmaster’s ear.
And then they starting to have a secret talk mumbling about something.
As such, the expression of the headmaster changed.
And then,

「Means that what he just used was—」
「Yes, it’s likely.」

Shocked, the headmaster looks at me.

「How… Surely, this… 」
「Yes, I think that this is a very incredible thing.」
「It’d be amazing if it’s true… If so, this is—」

The headmaster looks deep in thought.
And, in that moment,

「Y-Y-You bastard! The one who was manipulating these creepy chains, w-was you!? R-Release the headmaster!」

I turn around.
The guard took an offensive stance and pulled out his sword from his scabbard.

「If you don’t release the headmaster I’m going to c-cut you!」

I guess that my foot is trembling because it was planted firm with nervousness.
He’s just affirming his authority, he’s not really going to cut me.

Not coming?
Yup, he isn’t.
Then… as for Lisa-san, this tense situation seems not to be a big deal as she was watching the whole thing with calm face. (As for what she is thinking, of course I don’t know.)
I look back toward the headmaster.
She is still restricted with the chains.
I have to find a way to cancel it somehow…
I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate.

By doing so, an image resembling a database appears in my mind.

Just now, I imagined an example of a PC… I wonder if that feeling is fine?
Ummm, if the spell is like an application, it would be appropriate to have a help option.
Time to imagine calling help… imagine…
How’s that?


I think that I can manage imagining somehow.
Next, imagine searching.
Searching, searching…
Searching… searching… hh?
What is this.
This spell is just the『first』?
That means the chains previously… were only at the first level?
It seems that there are different forms.
Judging from the sinister things, I feel that I shouldn’t use them unskillfully…
Above all, however, since I don’t understand this power, I shouldn’t use recklessly.
It’s not like I would try out the second level of the spell on the headmaster.
Oops, leaving that aside, my first priority should be searching for a method to erase these chains.
Umm, release, release…
This is?
Ah, this is it.
Oh, it seems that it’s actually pretty easy to cancel the spell.
Let’s see,

「『—Ninth forbidden spell, close boundary.』」

The moment after I spoke—the black chains loosened and released the headmaster.
And, like a large snake retreating back into a bush, coupled with the metallic clanking sounds, the black chains returned to the dimension they came out from through the ruptures in space.
When the chains returned completely, the open holes closed—

Then, there was nothing more.

As if everything was just a dream.

「Fuu… I experienced something terrible.」

With a few smacks the headmaster cleans the dust of her skirt and chest.
Claris-san who was standing next to her let out a deep breath of relief.


The guard was the one who raised his voice.
Because that creepy chains have disappeared, it seems he became a bit more high-spirited.

「We must call the Saint Knights from the Chivalric Order and immediately restrain this man! If you like, I can also gather the disciplinary committee—」
「No, it’s unnecessary.」

The headmaster interrupted the guard rant.

「What!? Why, headmaster!?」

It was a lovely sight seeing the headmaster placing her index finger on her white cheek along with giving charming smile and chuckle.

「The circumstances have changed a little.」

Then the headmaster turned to me.

「Now… Your, name?」

That eyes that turned to me were indeed different from the indifferent look she had the first time.

「My name is Sagara Kurohiko.」
「I see. Then, Kurohiko.」

The headmaster walked up to me and picked up the paper that was on the floor.
By the way, my hands are still tied, but I somehow was able sit up in seiza.
The paper that the headmaster has in her hand had the same words from what I read before.
That paper is placed before my eyes.
I had a feeling that the color of the words I read before in what I previously considered my farewell poem were pure black, but now the color of the characters were faded.

「You, a while ago learned 『that spell』. That is correct, right?」

What the headmaster said 『that spell』, she must mean the spell to conjure the chains.

「Y-Yes… 」
「That means that you were able to read these words. Is that correct?」
「Yes, well.」

When she brought her hand to her mouth, the headmaster gave me only a glance.

「Is possible that you can you read aloud the incantation of that spell without any invocations? For example, if you only did 90% of the chant, the spell wouldn’t activate, or something like that.」
「I-I think I’ll try it out.」

I glanced away and read out loud the chant without stating the last part 『Ninth forbidden spell, release』.
The headmaster then turned the paper over and ran her eyes all over it as if her gaze was licking the paper.

「So, you were able to read this… 」

The headmaster muttered in a low voice, but I was able to hear from this distance.

「Rather than seeing the activation of the 『forbidden spell』 , I experienced it with my own body… Indeed, it is impossible not to believe this. Besides, the characters on the forbidden spell’s document is now faded out…」

Forbidden spell?
Forbidden spell, what’s that?
I mean, was being able to read what was written on that paper something special?
I don’t understand.

「You. Judging from your name, you came from the Eastern Nation… From where did that language come from?」
「Eh? But, what is written there is… 」

That’s right.
You can see it everywhere―

Is what was written there not regular Japanese?



  1. This was definitely delayed more than usual, and I personally apologize for that. BionicArk finished translating chapter 5 a few weeks ago, the problem was I was unable to get around to completing the edits. I’m hoping next time release will be faster.

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    1. Im begging you plz make this english i will freaking buy plz plz contact me if its possible to sell it on englishi will buy from vol 1 -2 i cant read japanese plzzzzzzzzzz heres my email contact me if its possible to make my request granted.


  2. What did she meant by the character in the document changed? After he read(decipher the content) it, did it get automatically translated to the other world language and become available for the masses? Or did they share a common written language and not just tongue thus by change she meant that it got bleached out?


    1. When she said it changed, she meant that the words are now faded out. In this world, they supposedly share a common tongue, but written Japanese are like hieroglyphs to them. I’ll edit the section to make it more understandable.

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      1. Ah, i see. Thank you for the explanation, it’s just that when it says that she is staring at the paper after he recites the content, it made me think she is double checking his chant and Japanese is like an olden language or language that is not usually learned by the masses. Others have read it but there is no reaction, well the chosen one scenario thingy. One more question, since the content is now known, does that mean other people, say the principal, will be able to use the spell by reciting the verse? Thank you in advance. 🙂


    2. No one but him can now use it, since the spell is now “installed” in his brain. That’s why the words are now faded out. Or else everyone would be able to summon chains from a different dimension lol.


      1. Ah i see, so the paper itself work as an installation package and not the verse itself huh… So basically it’s a skill book, for the lack of better word.


    1. However a better navigation system at the bottom of the pages is requested. Once you begin to have many projects, the current system of “navigation according to post release time” will cause problems. Better to nip this problem in the bud.


  3. lol! It’s not like they will update if you ask them, just wait patiently till they do it themselves on their own accord. ~_~

    Thanks for the translation! ^^


  4. Did the translator for this novel drop this or something? There are no notice whatsoever and it been almost 2 months since the last update.


  5. For those questioning about status updates, please lay your eyes on the top right-hand corner of your screen. There, you will find a banner titled “About/Status Updates.” It’s best to check there rather than asking when the next chapter will come.


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