Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai Chapter 4: Headmaster Makina

I’m all tied up.
For the first time in my life.
Though I may be an unproductive degenerate without a job, never once was I arrested.
Nay, even this time I didn’t anything wrong.

Currently, with both hands and feets restrained, I’m walking down the academy hallway.
I can barely extend my feet far enough to walk properly.
It’s not like I can escape even if I tried.
At first glance, there seems to be no fire lighting the lamps that are attached to the walls… I wonder if they have electricity?
While questioning, I looked outside of the windows which are spaced at even intervals like the lamps.
Because of the thick curtains in the infirmary where I woke up, I didn’t realize it was already getting dark.
Damn, I was unconsciousness for a long time….
While I was still staring out of the windows, I was pushed.

「Hey, walk faster.」

The person who pushed me was the guard.
I was walking between Lisa-san and the guard.
By the way, upon exiting the infirmary, Lisa-san told the guard while pointing at me 「To make sure you aren’t going to be rough on him, I’m also going」and thus accompanied us.
Uuu, what an angel.


However, the atmosphere of the academy is, how I should put it, majestic.
There is a considerable difference to my school in my previous world.
The corridor where I walking now is like those you see in castles in a western RPG.

Aa—… no good.
Even though I’m tied up, I can’t help but be a little excited.
That’s right.
Something that everyone thinks of once in their life, the delusion of being in a world similar to those in games, something like that has become reality…

While I was busy with my thoughts on that matter, Lisa-san pointed at me.

「So, what will happen to him after this?」

The guard looks at me.

「For today, we’ll interrogate him in the guard room then throw him in the academy discipline chamber until tomorrow. As for tomorrow, we’ll leave those matters up to the headmaster.」

Discipline chamber.
Now that sounds pleasant.
The excitement that I felt just recently is now gone in an instant.
I involuntarily let out a sigh.

「Nn—…. Interrogation in the discipline chamber? How about this, why not I take on that role?」

Lisa-san raises her index finger as she asked the guard.

「That is not allowed.」

The guard immediately rejects the proposal.
A slight silence follows.

「I’m going to ask again, I can’t?」
「I’m going to say again, that is not allowed.」
「Stubborn, aren’t you?」
「If I have to state a reason… It is because you have expressed interest in him.」
「Hahahaha, I was discovered. You saw through me.」

Disappointed that she didn’t win against the guard, Lisa-san laughs out loud.
Mumu… Lisa-san is interested in me?
Being liked by such a person, it seems she doesn’t have any bad intentions.
The guard faced toward me with the expression that says 「What’s so good about this guy?」
Is it possible that this guard… is interested in Lisa-san?

「You see, I can’t see him as anyone bad, you know? At least I don’t see him as spy. And I have an eye for these types of people.」
「It’s possible that he is acting so that you will see him that way. It’s an easy job for a trained spy.」

Lisa-san smiles wryly while saying「Yes, well, it’s possible」.
…I expected you to be more persistent with that matter.

Meanwhile, we arrived at an open space.
It somewhat resembles a dance floor.
There are stairs extending from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor.


A footstep?
I turn my gaze towards the origin of those footsteps.
Someone is descending from the stairs.
*Tap tap*
The footsteps stopped at the middle of the stairs.

「Ara? Did something has happen, Lisa?」

While brushing her black hair, the owner of the footsteps—the girl asks.
With no doubt she can be called a little girl judging from her appearance…
She gives the impression that she is in primary school.
She wears a black dress with laced frills and a headdress on top of her head.
Her jet-black hairs extends down to her waist.
Her eye color is a deep crimson.
They’re not…. colored contacts, right?
Her eyes are like jewels.
Her appearance is like a doll, the impression I get from her is that she is a bit arrogant.
She looks like she is accustomed to speaking while looking down on others from above.
Who is she?


*Straighten* The guard corrects his posture.

「Yo, Headmaster.」

Unlike the guard, Lisa-san greets the headmaster without correcting her posture.

「I told you that you can call me Makina… Still a little cold aren’t you, Lisa?」

The little girl who seems to be the headmaster called herself Makina.
But, headmaster?
I observe the little girl named Makina.
As expected… because of her height and body, I can only see her as a child.
However, guessing from the title of headmaster, the perfectly composed aura, and the changed attitude of the guard, there is no doubt that this person is of high stature.

「So, I wondering what did this man do?」

The headmaster stares at me who is all tied up.

「Ah, he is someone insolent enough to trespass on academy grounds and slip within the ranks of Sacred Tree Knight candidates, though I captured him.」

The guard breathes loudly through nose, proud.
Excuse me.
Didn’t you make all that up for your own convenience?
I still think that in the position that I am in, I’m still innocent…


The headmaster’s gaze on me shows disinterest.


The headmaster with the arrogant attitude puts her hands on her waist.
Probably because of her pose, I found it somewhat cute.

In that moment, I understood that when the headmaster says 「So」 it meant 「Keep talking」, thus the guard in a panic started speaking.

「Ah, um… For now I’m going to take him to the guard room for some questionings. Then after that place him in the discipline chamber.」
「Oh, I thought there was a detention room in the guard room. Why is there a need to place him in the discipline chamber?」
「The detention room is currently under construction.」
「Aah, that’s right. I forgot.」

Detention room.
That sounds much better than the discipline chamber.
Why must it be under construction during this time…


Immediately after the headmaster descends from the stairs, she is staring at me as if she is appraising me.

「So, what is your purpose in being here?」

I glanced at the guard if I had permission to speak.
He gave a look of discontent for a moment then reluctantly nodded.
Oh, he gave me permission.
If I can explain my situation well here, maybe I can manage somehow.
It seems that this child is an influential person.

「My objective…? I was only confused as a new student then collapsed and was taken to the infirmary. And the one dragged me was a new student of the academy.」
「If that is true, then your are not at fault.」

Oh, it’s possible that she is quite understanding, this child.

「Eh, eeeh, it is so!」

The headmaster turns her gaze towards the guard.

「Personally, I don’t feel it is necessary to question him.」

Will there be resistance?
And—the next moment I heard someone clicking his tongue from behind.
The guard takes one step.

「T-That can’t be headmaster! This guy is… suspicious!」

And at that moment, Lisa-san shrugged her shoulders to help the headmaster out.

「Well, he seems to be sincere. And his face is not bad.」

Oho, the guard is speechless.

「T-That’s right… Surely, it was on purpose that he was brought here!」

The guard pointed his finger at me with a dangerous look.

「As expected from a spy of the empire… No, surely he is a companion of the man who escaped of the detention room! Moreover, he is a slovenly man towards women!」

In the spur of the moment, the guard add that last part.
Putting aside me being a spy or about the man who escaped,

「It is regrettable that I’m slovenly towards women… I-I mean, you don’t even know anything about my dull life—」
「Annoying! Shut up!」



At that moment, a strong impact hit me on my back.


*Tumbles* I lost my balance.

「Eh? H-Hey—」

Because both my hands and feet were tied up, I fell straight onto the headmaster.


Although I fell… It wasn’t painful?
Rather, I felt something soft…
Also, I somehow smell something good.
A sweet and charming aroma.
Along with that, there was a soft feeling on my face—
I slightly opened my eyes.

「…Eh? 」

—This must be a lie… Right?

My face is… on the chest of the headmaster?
This is b-bad!
Moreover, my hands are between the thighs of the headmaster… Damn!
And I can’t move well because my hands are tied!
In addition, because I can’t move my legs freely, the headmaster is squirming restlessly.

「Hyaa!? What… d-do you think you’re doing!? H-how rude! Sto…p! Get… away! Do you understand!? If you move… a-any further… If you touch me in in a weird place… You’re not to going away easily—Hey, where are you touching now!? 」
「Y-You’re wrong! This is—」

I tried to move away… b-but it’s no good!
With this, I’m rubbing my body against the headmaster’s body…!
While I move awkwardly, the headmaster is struggling to get out but the opposite happens as our bodies are entwined in a strange position…!

B-But, this sweet scent… I never knew women smelled this good…
Perhaps it was the perfume?
Rather, what am I thinking!?
This is not the time to think about that!

「Get away from the headmaster, you bastard!」

The guard screams something.
Confused, I turned my head.
He is stopping Lisa-san who obviously is trying to help us!
While telling her to fall back because it was dangerous, the guard is hindering her.
On the guard’s face lies a slight smile…
T-That bastard was the one who pushed me!

「Capital punishment…」
「For you—capital punishment! Kyaa, I told you to not m-move, right!?」

The headmaster raised her voice.
It’s useless.
Because the headmaster is struggling, I-I can’t separate my body well…!
Once we’re in this awkward position, it’s hard to get out!

「P-Please calm down!」

When I declared that firmly, the headmaster’s face suddenly becomes pale.

「Eh, err….?」

If you are not calm, um, we can’t separate well…

「What are you… planning to do me? How bold, how shameless—」
「Eh, no, you’re wro—」

*Ping* The headmaster’s expression turned that filled with bloodthirst.

「You are very brave, servant.」

I felt that I saw blazing dark flames igniting behind the headmaster.

「Y-You are wrong! I only… wanted you to calm down so we can separate—」

And in that moment,

「Excuse me, headmaster~? Did something happen~? Hm, where are you~?」

A voice came from the upstairs.
I looked towards where the voice originated.
With an idiotic voice unsuitable for the mood of this situation, the one who spoke to the headmaster was perhaps the person whose face was covered by a large pile of books and scrolls? The person carried them in both hands leaving no room for more.
Judging from the voice, it is a girl.

「I’m in the middle of something now!」

While struggling, the headmaster raised an angry voice.


Surprised by the angry voice, the girl raised her voice in bewilderment.

「A, awa, awawawawawa—」

*Trip* She makes a sound.
As if she missed her foot on the stairs, that sound.

For a moment, the constant squirming between the headmaster and I stopped.

Something is flying.
Towards us.
From on top of the stairs.

The voice’s owner is falling?

「Wait a moment, is this a joke!?」
「Uwa, if I don’t get away—」

Because I’m struggling in any way I can, I’m unable to separate from the headmaster.
I at least need to make sure that the headmaster doesn’t get crushed somehow—


My vision darkens, I feel an impact all over my body.

「H-Hmm… 」

Slowly, I open my eyelids.
Before me was a lovely little girl with a small face.
The headmaster…
For the time being, the movements have stopped.


Before I knew it, our positions changed.
The headmaster had her legs sandwiched between my abdomen and was riding on top of me.
The thing is.
When you look at her this close, she’s really cute.
Also, I was wondering if those ruby eyes belong to a human, something that pretty is—nevermind.

When our faces met, her hair that was brushed upwards was now hung down.

「Now then… looking forward to some fun?」

Though her lips drew into an arc, her deep crimson eyes are cold.
Her eyes are not laughing.

「I guess I don’t have a chance to defend myself?」
「Not at all.」
「Not at all?」
「That’s right.」

It’s all over end.
I mean,

「Uum, from a while ago, I sensed something hitting me around my groin—」

Our gazes turned toward between my legs.

A little girl who seems to have a soft chestnut-colored hair has her face buried between my legs.
She was the girl with all those books and scrolls that fell.
It seems that there wasn’t a reaction, she apparently fainted…

*Stare* The headmaster glared at me.

「…What was your aim?」
「Just before she fell, I believe you moved a bit.」
「I moved in order for you not to be crushed—」
「Fu~n, is that so?」
「However, you’ll still receive capital punishment.」
「Then why did you question me!?」

The headmaster smiles fearlessly.

「You know, I’m strict towards sexual deviants with no sense of shame.」

This child is somewhat scary.

「That guard there, and Lisa!」

The headmaster turns her gaze.
The guard who was looking at the situation with a dumbfounded face and Lisa-san suddenly react.

「N, w-what?」
「I’m not going to permit interference. Now, shut up and look.」
「But, no matter how you look at it, he wasn’t resis—」
「I apologize that there is no room for argument. The only thing that matters is that this man was rubbing his body against mine, an undeniable truth.」

Lisa-san attempted to throw a lifeline but the headmaster declared that it was useless, thusher attempt was all for naught.
The headmaster pretends not to hear.
Well, I can’t deny the last part of the headmaster’s words.
That fact is true.

The headmaster carried the girl with the chestnut-colored hair and immediately distanced herself away from me.

When I take a look, I notice all the papers falling in the air.
I recall a scene of betting tickets flying around a racecourse.

…It’s not time for that.
What am I going to do now?

「I’m going to punish this shameless man over there. Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt just a little.」

As soon as she said that, the headmaster was waving her finger in front of me.
She is writing… on the air?
A smooth and elegant movement.
The parts the headmaster traced with her finger started emitting light.

I have a bad feeling about this.
Isn’t this something you have to do in order to invoke a spell for black magic, right?
I have that premonition.


I instinctively stood up because I sensed danger, but I immediately fell in place.


I-It’s useless.
I can’t balance myself because both my hands and legs are tied.


Well, the headmaster is lively when she isn’t being squashed.
She’s now safe, I think that is a good thing?
Perhaps the guard was jealous because I had Lisa-san defending me…
I didn’t expect him to do something like that.

Haa, I let a sigh.
Rather, am I really going to receive capital punishment like the headmaster said?
Well… Although it was an accident, I’m still guilty for performing those shameless acts.
If I did those kinds of things in my previous world, it would be considered a heinous crime.
I confirmed the state of my surroundings.

I don’t have any room for excuses either.
I let out another sigh.
This developed to where a lucky pervert caused his own death, what a way of ending my life.
Reality is cruel.
At any rate, I looked towards the headmaster.
Magic exists, this really is a different world…
I wonder what kind of magic will be released.

Haha, but… Well, I can only wait for my next life.
Just when I was thinking of redoing my life here… It was a short, ephemeral dream.

Just when I have given up, a rolled-up piece of paper falls before my eyes..
What is this?
Is this a type of parchment?
The scroll that was tied loosely with a piece of string became undone before me.


It looks like there are characters written on it…
Is it a poem?
I see.
That’s right.
With all these issues, the words written in this scroll will be my farewell poem, and my life will end with that.
I can read it normally.

「Let me see, what is this?」

I glanced at the characters.

「『I, the King of Chains, enact the forbidden spell of the departed, Endless Prison of Ten Thousand Chains, in accordance with my command restrain my enemies—ninth forbidden spell, release』?」

I unintentionally let out a laugh.
Although I’m in this situation.
There was this.
Unexpectedly, though I don’t know who wrote this, but my farewell poem is a chuunibyou poem.
However, it was good.
During my final moments, I got over my worries.
Laughing while dying surely isn’t a bad thing.

Come at me.

With refreshed feelings I looked towards the headmaster.
And in that time, behind the headmaster, the chestnut-colored hair girl awakened with a face of astonishment.
However, though I do not understand what it was, the spectacle that unfolded before my eyes, as one would expect, really is quite the surprise…
It can’t be, the headmaster is in the middle of invoking some really dangerous magic?


The girl with chestnut-color hair spoke.

「While I’m in the middle of performing my spell, don’t talk to me please! I can’t make a mistake in the adjusting the coordina—」

The girl with the chestnut-colored hair pointed her shivering finger at me.

「N-No… J-Just now… 」

In that moment.

Surrounding the headmaster in every direction were holes in space.
What I can say—the holes were pretty damn huge.
As if they were gates to another dimension, the dark-red holes opened.
What is that?
As if there was a cut in space—

「Please run away, headmaster!」

The little girl with the chestnut-colored hair shouted.



  1. Chuunibyou poem?! Is he an idiot, its a freaking magic incantation!!! He’s in a very big, big trouble…
    Anyways, thanks for the translation~


  2. First Seirei Gensouki and now this one. Man, those guards really are just a bunch of Assholes. Well never mind that, Thanks you for the chapter. Finally get to see him using Forbidden Magic.


  3. I like these huge amounts of inner monologue and the writing seems good.
    Thanks for the translation, there are some typos here and there, but overall it is really great. I would love to read more of these.


    1. No, I didn’t stop. Only is missing the editing. When Karoshi finish, he is going to post it. If you want to know the status of the chapter go to the ABOUT/STATUS UPDATES on the top 😀


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