Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai Chapter 2: And He Sees a Giant Tree

I’m… alive?
After being hit with lightning, I thought that I was dead…
When I opened my eyes, someone was looking at me.
Someone is calling me, but I don’t understand what they’re saying because my consciousness isn’t clear yet.

My vision is blurred.

Mmmh… In other words, that person has helped me?
Perhaps the mountain rescue unit?

…I understand now, I was saved.


Normally, I would be overjoyed because I was saved.
But, in this case, I was actually depressed.
I let out a small smile.

[…I failed to die.]
[Has your consciousness returned? Why are you collapsed in such a place?]

While I was thinking that I received help, the voice called me, the tone harsh.
It was mixed with astonishment.
Well, I am a NEET in his late twenties who only cause problems for the others.

Judging from the voice, it seems that the person who saved me is a woman.

Even so, the cost of the rescue is going to be expensive, right?
I saw something like this in the net, a terrible amount is inevitable.
I guess my parents are going to be extremely angry, which caused me to be depressed.
But right now is the time to give my thanks to the rescue unit, then next an explanation?

[I’m sorry. Suddenly everything turned pure white――]
[If you consciousness has returned, then hurry up. The entrance ceremony is starting.]

Entrance ceremony?
What is this person saying?
A NEET soon to be celebrating his 28th birthday going to an entrance ceremony?
You’re not mistaking me with someone else?

I slowly raised my body and looked around.
It seems that I’m still inside of the mountain.
Yes, the air is delicious.

I looked at the sky.
The violent weather has already improved.
The light that is leaking out from every leaf from all the trees is dazzling.

But… What is this?
I have an uncomfortable feeling about this place――


I feel dizzy.
My head is still fuzzy.
If I’m unlucky, I’m going to lose consciousness again.

[Hm, here is――]

I started to talk while I recover my breath.

[Is… Eh?]
[What? What are you doing with such a surprised face?]

The person who called me seems like she’s cosplaying.
Even if I was told that these are the rescue team uniforms, it is quite unbelievable.
I have to say that this feels like a fantasy game.
Does she wear a stylish black dress in order to fight?
In her belt around her waist was a sheath with a sword.
I mean, that sword, her clothes must be pretty durable for it be wrapped around her… It’s not real, right?
I’m receiving quite the frightful impression.


This person isn’t part of a rescue team?
Perhaps… It’s not possible that I encountered a dangerous person, right?

During a typhoon, while I climbed the mountain… such person who does cosplay also scaled this mountain?
I mean, what did you plan to do in that appearance?
Did you come to do an online stream about climbing while cosplaying?
Even so――

This persons is quite the beauty.

Pretty and uniformed eyelashes.
Prideful and sharp eyes.
A good-looking slender face and long shiny silver hair (though it might be a wig).
As for her clothes, her sense of style is good.
What I can say? It doesn’t matter what part of her clothes you choose, I have no complaints.
It’s like every part of her body contributes to producing such beauty.
When put together with her dignified appearance, it makes me think that she is some kind of goddess.
If we assume that a goddess exists, maybe is this is the aura they have.


Although I’m impressed, I wasn’t satisfied.
Well… I understand that this person is a beauty.

But this person… What did she come to do here today in this place?

It’s not like this is a filming of a movie.
And it looks like she is here with nobody.
A while ago, I was thinking this was an online stream but I don’t see any equipment.
Her hobby is mountain climbing alone in cosplay after all?

Well, she doesn’t appear to be a bad person…

And then I heard it as clear as the ringing of a bell.
The beautiful woman clicked her tongue.

[Hey, hurry up. If you are in this place, that means that you are a new student of Saint Runethread Academy, right?]

Saint Runethread Academy?


It’s my first time hearing the words that this beauty spoke of, but in my head I understood perfectly.
Though it’s my first time hearing it.

No, no!―― More than that, school?
I don’t remember any school nearby when I was investigating the mountain in the net.
It’s impossible that there is a school near here…

[The bell has already rung, soon the entrance ceremony is going to start. It’s bad for your image to be late. Well, to me I don’t mind these kinds of things.]
[Excuse me… can you hear me? You said Saint Runethread Academy, what the heck——]
[What are you saying? We’re almost there, look.]

Following her instructions, I looked in the direction where the beauty was pointing.
I looked at what she is pointing with her finger, a gigantic structure.
The building is something that you see in TV, it has a retro atmosphere of a foreign country, like a small and stylish university.


It wasn’t the building that surprised me.
Above all, what surprised me the most was behind the building, an excessively huge tree——.

[What is… that…? I never saw such a huge tree before… Besides… It’s so beautiful——.]

My conscience is getting fuzzy again.

It’s useless, my consciousness is…
The beautiful woman is looking at me and saying something.
But, I don’t understand anything she’s saying.
Better yet, what’s with that ridiculously large tree…

[Maybe, here… is… not near… that… mountain——]

Once again, my consciousness goes blank.



  1. Peace, joy, health and well-being can only be found inside us. They exist within us now, waiting to be discovered. Yet we tend to look to the outside world to satisfy our needs and longings.


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